- some contributions to theory and application

Akademisk avhandling
som för avläggande av filosofie doktorsexamen
vid Stockholms universitet
offentligen försvaras i
hörsal 3, hus B Södra huset, Frescati
fredagen den 17 mars 1995 kl 10.00


Jörgen Dalén
fil lic

Statistiska institutionen
Stockholms universitet


    Four different problems are treated, all concerned with problems arising when compiling price indexes in official statistics. One deals with the computation of so called elementary aggregates, low level indexes for single products, when proper weights for the observations are not available. The second part treats different options for applying hedonic indexes. The third report concerns variance estimation, i.e. computing margins of error due to sampling for a consumer price index. Finally, the fourth part analyses different sources of error in a consumer price index and proposes a model structure for aggregating these errors. An overview (in Swedish) over current topics in index construction introduces this volume.

ISBN 91-7153-319-2 

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